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Travel around the world in stunning HD with our travel series or check out the latest resurrections at Graveyard Carz. Dine in with our lifestyle and culture programs and then cruise down the Great Ocean Road to try your luck on the salt flats of Lake Gardiner, Sth Australia.

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Meadow Media has done a great job with my film. I was very pleased with the wide range of international distribution they were able to obtain for me. Their company ethos is grounded and genuine. They are easy to communicate with whenever I have any questions. My expectations have been exceeded and I highly recommend them, especially for new filmmakers.

Richard Savage - Hamamas FilmsWantok Meri

Meadow Media is a long standing distribution partner for our hit series Graveyard Carz supporting us right from the beginning of production way back in 2009. The team at Meadow combined, have years of industry experience and knowledge. The way they conduct their business is supportive, honest, fair and transparent. Having seen the alternative, it is very meaningful to partner with distributor that protects and champions producers. Meadow Media has done fantastically for us.

Mark Worman - The Division ProductionsGraveyard Carz

Having dealt with international television distributors for a number of years I have found Meadow Media to deliver on all fronts. Meadow Media has sealed a number of international deals ensuring that the show is now in more than twenty-five countries across the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Russia, the USA and Canada. Meadow Media are creative and strategic in their marketing and the results speak for themselves.

Gregory Landsman - Producer / AuthorFace Lifting Food