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Meadow Media is excited to be adding cult hit favourite Black As to its programming slate, offering a special one-hour version of the original web series for world wide release.

Shot on location in Australia’s Arnhem Land, Black As follows four brothers who venture into the wild in search of a good adventure and a good feed. Challenged at every turn, the boys must put their ingenuity and survival skills to the test after borrowing a boat from their uncle and promising a bounty of fresh fish, croc and turtle.

The web series was a stand out hit on Australia’s ABC iView, with its popularity pushing its social footprint far and wide. With over 74K followers across its Facebook page, Black As looks set to carry its unique laughs, locale and talent across to new audiences.

Offering a unique chance to experience some of Australia’s most beautiful and dangerous terrain, Black As delivers some serious laughs and a delightful snapshot of life in the Northern Territory.

For more information about this title please email sales@frederikem33.sg-host.com

WATCH TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/228320486/9dcd926a48