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Mipcom 2021

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Meet us at Mipcom

We’re excited to be participating online at Mipcom (Oct 11-14). With new content and original ideas there’s lots to chat about. Join us and schedule a zoom to chat about our new programs launching at the event.




The Season is a new original TV series produced by Black Fox Productions ,which follows the lives of six modern day Australian hunters as they prepare for their hunting season. Each hunter has a unique story yet all are passionate about conservation, the environment and how we are all connected in a primal way to the land through our ancestors. They train, they hunt and they prepare their harvest. The Season is compelling and confronting viewing.

The Season 8 x 30’ will be complete and ready for delivery Q1 2022.


Whether in the ponderous form of a River Red Gum or the towering majesty of a Mountain Ash, eucalypts define the character of the Australian bush. No other tree is so synonymous with the nature of our continent.

The Eucalypt series explores these trees’ evolution and ecology, their intimate connection with Indigenous Australians, their role in art and craftsmanship, and their future in a changing world.



Throughout history Hair has been a potent symbol of passion, prejudice and protest.

It’s a badge of belonging, a sign of individuality, a symbol of national pride. Our hair tells the World who we are, where we belong or who we want to be.

Passion, Prejudice & Protest is a 60 minute documentary dedicated to the evolution, impact and history of human hair. A journey into style, religion, colour and myths around hair, and its importance across generations, culture and history.


Imagine paddling solo, 50 miles for 17 days, during the most shark-infested summer Australia has ever seen. Endurance athlete and child abuse survivor Damien Rider took matters into his own hands to find peace and face his inner demons. On what many thought to be an impossible journey, he set off paddling 800km solo without support crew on a paddleboard, propelled by just his hands, from his home in Coolangatta to Bondi Beach in Sydney.


Damien Rider’s endurance challenges are all epic, unique and designed to grab the attention of those who most need to hear his story. Damien has skateboarded across Route 66, run and paddled non-stop around Phuket, ridden a 1950’s rickshaw over 260kms and pushed a 2 tonne vehicle for over 40kms on Australia’s Gold Coast. Each of these events grabbed global headlines and helped thrust his cause into the spotlight. Rise Above chronicles his journey to bring awareness to childhood abuse, while completing some of the most challenging endurance feats to date.



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Covid Nations Doc Short

Mipcom – New releases

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Straight off the back of a busy Mipcom, we are excited to unveil our new content released exclusively at the 2020 online event.

We are thrilled to be partnering once again with the Division Productions and Mark Worman, to distribute two brand new series straight from the garage and brains behind Graveyard Carz.

14th Street Wheels is a homage to your youth, a time when kids tinkered in the garage rather than with tik tok. In this series Mark and Cousin Dougie find anything with wheels or an engine, explore its history and build it. You can follow along at home for a DIY experience, or sit back for a trip down memory lane. Fun and family friendly, 14th Street Wheels will educate, inspire and entertain!

Mark’s used-car-salesman persona arrives at the forefront in Graveyard Dreamz. Set in a 70’s inspired car yard, Mark and his dream team promise to search for the prized car of your youth. Maybe it was your first ride, maybe your Dad’s pride and joy. If they can’t find the original from your heyday, they’ll build a replica! Dreams are bought back to life in this treasure hunt for Mopar originals.

And if that’s not enough for your auto loving audience, an all new season of Graveyard Carz is now available world wide.

graveyard carz


Turning to our documentary slate and we offer two new heart-warming tales exploring the spirit of humanity and the determination of humans to facilitate significant change and growth – both personally, and as role models for those around them.

A Head Full of Doubt, takes in seven years of the incredible success of the B.A.M program in Chicago. Previously considered the murder capital of America, this engaging documentary showcases the beauty that comes from mentoring youth in a city that needs it most. Curated and developed by Tony DiVittorio, and inspired by his youth without a father figure, the B.A.M program has made headlines world wide for its encouragement and guidance of kids on the border of adulthood.

Shot across three continents and over a five year journey, The World’s Best Film follows twelve individuals striving for greatness. Thailand gives us the World’s best taxi driver while in Sweden we are introduced to the World’s best town planner. This is a traveling tale celebrating the human endeavor to be the best you can be. Fun, quirky and possibly The World’s Best Film!


This year has produced many things. The greatest, we think, is the many stories emerging, telling tales of community spirit and collaboration. Helping the vulnerable and passing it forward, during what has been a difficult and unprecedented time for businesses and us as humans.

We have curated some of the best Covid stories in our new Short Content selection. Food Forward delivers three short documentaries shining a light on businesses adapting to the pandemic driven food supply chain issues, in the US. Highlighting three sectors – The Plate, The Sea and The Farm – Food Forward delivers on all fronts, with stories of community and businesses coming together to help each other survive.

Straight from a remote Navajo community, comes a story of survival in Covid Nations. When an Australian naturopath and herbalist, finds herself in the centre of an indigenous community with limited health facilities, she rolls up her sleeves and begins educating and steering the group through the only pandemic any of them have known.

Covid Nations articulates the many challenges of remote communities navigating Covid with little access to mainstream healthcare. Beautifully shot, this short documentary is a thought-provoking tale, offering an alternative viewpoint of the 2020 story.

You can view sizzles of all our new releases here.

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Africa taste tests Face Lifting Food

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Gregory Landsman’s cooking and beauty series, Face Lifting Food is airing across the Middle East and North Africa following a recent acquisition by satellite provider Orbit Showtime Network.

Available on their Mezze channel, Face Lifting Food offers recipes, serums and tips for eating your way to healthy looking skin. Hosted by best selling author and beauty expert Gregory Landsman, this 26 part series is a wealth of nutritional information offering a refreshing take on health and beauty.

In other news, Graveyard Carz has found a new home in France with two recent seasons of the popular automotive series being picked up by Mediawan. The hit series chronicling the restoration of MOPAR muscle cars is currently airing its 12th season on Discovery’s Motortrend in the USA.

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 3.15.56 pm


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Be Dragons seeks crowdfunding support

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Producing Be Dragons TV series has been an inspiring journey. Enriched with new friendships and one filled with gratitude for the players and all those who have supported the team and TV series. It’s your story and one that we are proud to be bringing to life and to audiences across Australia.

So far, through the tireless efforts, talent and enthusiasm of Luke Massey and his production team, the six part series has been produced and edited with donated time and resources.

But now we need help from the community, friends and family to get Be Dragons ready for national broadcast.

Our crowdfunding campaign is now live util May 26th, and it’s success means we can cover the out-of-pocket costs associated with the post-production process. Without which, this story of our courageous team may never be told…

It’s an all or nothing campaign so we need to hit our target to ensure success.

From all of us at Be Dragons, we thank you so much for your support.

Luke, Lisa and Marilyn




FLATS heads to Foxtel 4K

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A cinematic motorcycle documentary has been picked up by Foxtel’s new 4K channel. FLATS follows Nigel Petrie on a quest to fulfil his dream of laying down a record, at the DLRA Salt Flat speed trials on Lake Gardiner, South Australia.

Engineering his racer from a 350cc KTM, the film captures the passion, persistence and adventure that played out along his journey, taking in the Great Ocean Road and some of Australia’s most stunning scenery.

_B0V0294 copy

Nigel’s ‘Engineered to Slide’ workshop boasts an incredible following, and is well known in drift racing circles – another of his passions. Documenting each of his ‘builds’ in great detail and showing off the results with stunning imagery, Nigel Petrie’s expertise and talent put him at the top of his game.

Shot and produced in association with Matte Media, FLATS offers stunning 4K production values and a story that is guaranteed to inspire, enlighten and entertain audiences as vast as the salt plains themselves.

Stay tuned for air dates!

My Saga – A Star Wars fan documentary

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New to the Meadow Media catalogue is documentary special MY SAGA.

The sixty-minute film chronicles one man’s journey to connect with fellow fans of one of the world’s most famous movie franchises. Known for their unparalleled obsession and dedication, these fans are family, connected by a passion for a world imagined by George Lucas and brought to life through numerous films.

Following a brain tumour diagnosis, Adam Harris and his young son Jack, travel to America to meet characters, cast and crew, while exploring the fan community in the lead up to the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

This film delves deep into the unprecedented bond between generations of Star Wars fans and follows Adam’s dream to connect with family, through the love of a galaxy far, far away.

Expressions of interested can be directed to: sales@meadowmedia.tv

Watch the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/290797345

My Saga


PNG doc lands at ABC Australia

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World class documentary, Wantok Meri, focuses on the lives of the women of Papua New Guinea and has been selected for the ABC Australia network.

The documentary follows the stories of seven women in the lead up to the 2017 election, which they hope will prove a pivotal point for their nation, currently entrenched in a patriarchal society.

“When we come out of the house, when we come to work. We are the strongest women, we can do our work, we can stand and make decisions at the place of work.”

Betelnutsellers Simbu

The films’ stars come from a variety of callings; Entrepreneurs, Tourism professionals, Teacher’s, and Police Officers. These women whole-heartedly speak of their early struggles, the turning points they have reached and their current motivation to improve the lives of their families.

Paupa New Guinea is different, the clash of cultures is stark and dramatic. It’s common to see woman selling produce on the side of the road, next to the latest mobile phone cards. What impact will the technology have? According to some; no one is spending time learning the traditional ways, they are all on facebook!


Wantok Meri, available for international rights from Meadow Media. To find out more please email us. sales@meadowmedia.tv


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A LIFE OF ITS OWN heads to Netflix

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We are excited to announce that A Life of its Own – The truth about Medical Marijuana, is now available on Netflix. The streaming platform acquired rights to significant territories, in a deal facilitated by Meadow Media.

The documentary is dedicated to providing clarity and understanding around one of the world’s most stigmatised and controversial issues – medicinal cannabis. Award-winning journalist, Helen Kapalos, takes the audience on a wide-ranging voyage of discovery addressing the complex issues facing its use.

Premiering to a significant audience on SBS in Australia, don’t miss this opportunity to catch the film and join the conversation, available now on Netflix.

A Life of its Own, as described by the Huffington Post “ is what the medicinal cannabis debate needs”.

Further enquiries can be emailed to sales@meadowmedia.tv


GRAVEYARD CARZ sets up shop at 7Mate

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Hit automotive powerhouse GRAVEYARD CARZ has found a new home on Australia’s 7Mate, part of the Seven Networks group of free-to-air channels.

The channel has picked up season’s 4 and 5 and it’s the first time these seasons have been available to viewers in Australia. Meadow Media is thrilled to have secured a definitive home for the series, as will be, the many fans down-under.

The success of GRAVEYARD CARZ as a flagship title for Discovery’s VELOCITY channel in the US, has propelled the series into production of its 9th season.

Boasting over 3 million facebook followers and an active online community, GRAVEYARD CARZ brings an established fan base, as it rolls on to Australian screens.

Tune in to GRAVEYARD CARZ Tuesdays 9:30pm only on 7Mate


GYCS06_CAST_LU_3247_Treatment 600x403



FLATS to roll out across Insight

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Cinematic documentary FLATS has been acquired by Insight TV, through a deal with Meadow Media.

Produced by Engineered to Slide and Matte Media, FLATS follows Nigel Petrie on a childhood dream to compete at the DLRA salt flat speed trials on Lake Gardiner in South Australia.

Creating a Salt Flat Racer from a 350cc KTM, Nigel sets off with a couple of mates on a journey from Geelong, Victoria, taking in the famous Great Ocean Road and finishing at Lake Gardiner with the hope of laying down a land speed record.

Shot on location in stunning 4K, FLATS offers a story of  engineering brilliance and determination while showcasing some of the most iconic Australian landscapes.

Well known in drift racing circles, Nigel and his Engineered to Slide workshop continue to attract a huge following, with social metrics growing by the minute.

Insta famous with the help of some superb photography by Dean Walters, Nigel’s attention to detail and iconic ‘builds’ are the stuff of legend.

To check availability in your territory or to discuss other Engineered to Slide titles, please email sales@meadowmedia.tv



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