A head full of doubt documentary

A Head Full of Doubt

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We are excited to add the powerful documentary A Head Full of Doubt to our catalogue in the lead up to MIPCOM.

In what has been a year of bad news stories, A Head Full of Doubt, set in Chicago, offers hope to a generation of kids desperate for direction and encouragement.

In Chicago, 2008 was a violent year culminating with high murder rates, escalating gang activity and low graduation rates. This set the stage for what is best described as the city’s tipping point.

On Chicago’s south and west sides a large percentage of boys grow up lacking fathers figures. Enter Tony DiVittorio, a high school councillor, who set out to lead a generation of youth by creating a male character development program called B.A.M. (Becoming A Man).

His goal was to build men of integrity by focusing on core values like respect, responsibility and self-determination.

Over seven years, filmmaker Jason Weisner began documenting the B.A.M program and Tony DiVittorio’s personal story of empowerment, which continues to help young men today.

What emerged is an inspirational documentary about a generation of youth who are desperately searching for someone to believe in them.

Now available for worldwide release, A Head Full of Doubt is a poignant reminder of the power of humanity.


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My Saga – A Star Wars fan documentary

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New to the Meadow Media catalogue is documentary special MY SAGA.

The sixty-minute film chronicles one man’s journey to connect with fellow fans of one of the world’s most famous movie franchises. Known for their unparalleled obsession and dedication, these fans are family, connected by a passion for a world imagined by George Lucas and brought to life through numerous films.

Following a brain tumour diagnosis, Adam Harris and his young son Jack, travel to America to meet characters, cast and crew, while exploring the fan community in the lead up to the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

This film delves deep into the unprecedented bond between generations of Star Wars fans and follows Adam’s dream to connect with family, through the love of a galaxy far, far away.

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Watch the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/290797345

My Saga


PNG doc lands at ABC Australia

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World class documentary, Wantok Meri, focuses on the lives of the women of Papua New Guinea and has been selected for the ABC Australia network.

The documentary follows the stories of seven women in the lead up to the 2017 election, which they hope will prove a pivotal point for their nation, currently entrenched in a patriarchal society.

“When we come out of the house, when we come to work. We are the strongest women, we can do our work, we can stand and make decisions at the place of work.”

Betelnutsellers Simbu

The films’ stars come from a variety of callings; Entrepreneurs, Tourism professionals, Teacher’s, and Police Officers. These women whole-heartedly speak of their early struggles, the turning points they have reached and their current motivation to improve the lives of their families.

Paupa New Guinea is different, the clash of cultures is stark and dramatic. It’s common to see woman selling produce on the side of the road, next to the latest mobile phone cards. What impact will the technology have? According to some; no one is spending time learning the traditional ways, they are all on facebook!


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A male dominated tribal culture is troubled by the impacts of modernity. The women of Papua New Guinea speak out, but will they be heard?

WANTOK MERI, is the story of seven women from remote Papua New Guinea who tell us of their struggles, successes and dreams. These women are smart and articulate, this is their story. In a fresh approach to the storytelling that needs no explanation, Wantok Meri is a timely documentary in the lead up to the APEC Summit held on the island this November.

Amidst the turmoil and uncertainty bought about by the collision of ancient and modern life, the woman of Papua New Guinea have a vision for their future.


Doc – the rise of Japanese technology

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Meadow Media is now offering the international documentary VELOCITY, which shines a light on technology power-house, Japan.

Explore the impact of its progress across both the transportation and robotics sectors and the effects of these advancements on the people, culture and infrastructure.

This off beat documentary features interviews with academics and experts in the fields of technology and culture, and looks to shed light on just how Japan came to excel in this space, while bringing some of mans wildest innovations to the forefront of modern society.

The trailer is available to view here

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TITLE Card - Japan Int







FLATS to roll out across Insight

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Cinematic documentary FLATS has been acquired by Insight TV, through a deal with Meadow Media.

Produced by Engineered to Slide and Matte Media, FLATS follows Nigel Petrie on a childhood dream to compete at the DLRA salt flat speed trials on Lake Gardiner in South Australia.

Creating a Salt Flat Racer from a 350cc KTM, Nigel sets off with a couple of mates on a journey from Geelong, Victoria, taking in the famous Great Ocean Road and finishing at Lake Gardiner with the hope of laying down a land speed record.

Shot on location in stunning 4K, FLATS offers a story of  engineering brilliance and determination while showcasing some of the most iconic Australian landscapes.

Well known in drift racing circles, Nigel and his Engineered to Slide workshop continue to attract a huge following, with social metrics growing by the minute.

Insta famous with the help of some superb photography by Dean Walters, Nigel’s attention to detail and iconic ‘builds’ are the stuff of legend.

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VeloCity – Highlighting the tech gap

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Over the last 60 years Japan has become known for leading the world in technological innovation. Australia, while an advanced and wealthy nation has not developed the same reputation.

New to Meadow Media’s programming slate is VeloCity, an expository documentary that explores cultural and social perspectives towards technology, offering first-hand accounts of those who have experienced both ideals. Told through the eyes of expat Australian professionals living and working in Japan and vice versa, VeloCity is an intelligent exploration of how one country has thrived in the technology sector and offers theories on what holds others back.

Featuring interviews with academics and experts in the field, and shot on location in high definition VeloCity is a documentary, which offers a unique case study on the culture of technology between two nations.

VELOCITY 1X60′ AVAILABLE NOW sales@meadowmedia.tv


NZ Premiere – A life of its own

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Choice TV, New Zealand’s digital free to air platform has acquired A LIFE OF ITS OWN – THE TRUTH ABOUT MEDICAL MARIJUANA, from Meadow Media.

This compelling documentary will premiere on Sunday April 30th at 8:30pm.

The recent Australian premiere pulled in excess of 335K viewers, a number which continues to grow across the broadcasters catch up service, SBS ONDemand.

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SBS seeks the Truth about Medical Marijuana

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SBS Australia has acquired The Truth About Medical Marijuana (A life of its own) from Meadow Media. Set to premiere on Australian screens on Sunday April 9th at 8:30pm, Helen Kapalos’ documentary explores those behind the fight to have it legalised in Australia and the complex issues facing its use.

Weaving from local case studies to laboratories in Israel and beyond, The Truth About Medical Marijuana provides a well rounded and thought provoking education on what remains a controversial subject across the globe. But for how long? Tune in to find out SUNDAY 9TH APRIL SBS 8:30PM


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