Be Dragons seeks crowdfunding support

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Producing Be Dragons TV series has been an inspiring journey. Enriched with new friendships and one filled with gratitude for the players and all those who have supported the team and TV series. It’s your story and one that we are proud to be bringing to life and to audiences across Australia.

So far, through the tireless efforts, talent and enthusiasm of Luke Massey and his production team, the six part series has been produced and edited with donated time and resources.

But now we need help from the community, friends and family to get Be Dragons ready for national broadcast.

Our crowdfunding campaign is now live util May 26th, and it’s success means we can cover the out-of-pocket costs associated with the post-production process. Without which, this story of our courageous team may never be told…

It’s an all or nothing campaign so we need to hit our target to ensure success.

From all of us at Be Dragons, we thank you so much for your support.

Luke, Lisa and Marilyn




A must have series in the lead up to Russia 2018

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Meadow Media has picked up exclusive distribution rights to a four part series documenting the volatile history of the football transfer system. The latest offering from award winning filmmaker Rod Hay, How much is enough, delves deep into a world that has turned into a game of high rollers, dominated by the highest bidder and Agents who weave the greatest influence.

From the early class driven meagre beginnings through to the $100 million plus transfers of today, the four epsiodes are a comprehensive mix of global colour, diverse location and a rich tapestry of archives and informative interviews.

Football is now the most lucrative sports business by virtue of its huge television exposure and burgeoning sponsorship. Money has no barriers other than the lingering question: “is enough, ever really enough?”

Episode 1: Global insight

Episode 2: History of the game UK

Episode 3: Europe’s traditions and Africa’s potential

Episode 4: Sublime skills of Latin America, USA and Australasia

A must have documentary series in the lead up to the 2018 world cup in Russia. For more information please email sales@meadowmedia.tv

Teaser link: https://vimeo.com/186354610

back view of soccer manager against supporters in the stadium