Exceptional TV content wanted!

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We are looking for TV content!

Got an exceptional doc or series that deserves an audience? With production halted on a world wide scale, we have clients looking for content to fill their schedules.

While the pandemic is putting millions more bums on seats – those stuck at home in search of compelling entertainment or hoping to travel vicariously through their screens – finished content is gold and now is the time to unveil your hard work and find the right home for your program.

We specialise in non-fiction content and present our exclusive titles to buyers across the marketplace. From streaming platforms to free to air pubcasters, they all have an audience to entertain, inform and keep.

It’s more important than ever for buyers to seek content to captivate their audience, the competition in the somewhat crowded corona-hazed arena of content is fierce, but it creates opportunities for you!

Yes you, the producers, the ones that have worked night and day to get your ideas fleshed out or project baby produced.

Now is your time!

Not quite ready?

Stuck somewhere in the development, half shot…partly colour graded middle. The deep pizza box wilderness of never ending post production?

That’s cool! We want to hear from you too…our imaginary, squeaky clean doors are open to chat about how we might work together.

So here’s the short version: Our clients are looking for content, if you have a great series or documentary you’re itching to find a home for, get in touch. Simple.

Should we have put that at the beginning? Probably.

Anyway, put that Uber Eats down and shoot us an email, we’d love to hear from you.


Lisa & Marilyn

Australia inks deals for Be Dragons

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Fox Sports and ABC International have acquired Be Dragons TV series from Meadow Media.

Be Dragons tells the story of Geelong’s first ever team in the FIDA footy league following the highs and lows of their maiden 2018 season.

The six-part series showcases players as they tell of their journey, challenges and thrill at being included in a team competing in Australian Rules Football. Be Dragons is a tale of inclusion, perseverance and friendship, as these inspirational youths fulfil their dream of playing footy.

The series is sponsored by Leisure Networks, who manage the team and players for the league. Leisure Networks provides disability services throughout Melbourne and Geelong, supporting people to be more connected and involved in their own community.

You can catch Be Dragons on Fox Sports starting July 13th at 12pm.

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Be Dragons Tv Series

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BE DRAGONS is a six part documentary series exploring Geelong’s first ever FIDA footy team!

Take a bunch of youths who have been relegated to the sidelines their whole lives and give them a crack at participating in the game they love…that’s the premise behind Be Dragons and the FIDA league.

The Geelong Dragons are the first FIDA (Football Integration Development Association) team in the Geelong region and we are delighted to be on board producing this heartwarming series alongside creator Luke Massey.

The series showcases players as they tell of their journey, challenges and thrill at being included in a team competing in Australian Rules Football. Following the highs and lows of their maiden 2018 season, Be Dragons is a tale of inclusion, perseverance and friendship, as these inspirational youths fulfill their dream of playing footy.

Despite many obstacles they find strength, joy and incredible team spirit through the love of a game and the bonds of friendship. You will fall in love with their enthusiasm, determination and passion for the game!

 “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles” Christopher Reeve


For all media enquires please contact

Follow the Be Dragons journey on facebook @bedragonstv


Hello 2019

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It’s common at this time of year, to reflect on what’s been. The highs and lows of the year past and the changes you want to see, to action, to make HAPPEN in the year ahead.

As all those in the TV game know, it can be exhausting keeping up with the ever-changing industry. The evolution of new technologies facilitates growth rapidly, providing scope for new platforms, formats, development opportunities and funding structures, almost daily. And the list goes on…

Meadow has had a year of change. Pivots in direction, the forming of new partnerships and saying good-bye to others. We ALWAYS seek to work with like-minded people, teams and incredible talent and we always will.

Since our inception in 2014, our goal was to forge our own way, to offer a service that filled the gaps. One founded on authenticity, passion, transparency. A home that could foster a supportive environment, to collaborate with those creative minds that fit with our ethos and mission.

We wanted to be open, to freely share ideas and information, which, is all to often keep under lock and key…hardly providing a supportive playground for those young producers or talent wanting to learn, eager to charge ahead. Those that are the future of content creation, and brains behind how it will be consumed.

After all, what purpose does it serve to close ranks, to keep hidden what you’ve learnt, to not nurture? It seemed to us, that the old way…those that were scared of change, those decision makers that wouldn’t take the time to respond, were the ones holding us all back.

So here we are looking forward to a new year, one, which we suspect will bring in more change and for which we hope, will open many new doors and opportunities.

This is our official call out for new partnerships, great content and exciting development proposals. We look forward to continuing our existing relationships with our talented pool of producers and valued clients, both in Australia and internationally.

It’s with much gratitude and excitement that we move into 2019, with plans for our best year yet. New beginnings, fresh ideas and a wealth of amazing collaborations!

From us to you,

Lisa & Marilyn


“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

Henry David Thoreau

Happy New Year!

Welcome to a new year

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As we kick off the new year and look forward to 2018, it’s also the time to reflect, celebrate and share the big year that was 2017.

Late last year…

We were excited to learn that Australia’s own Northern Territory “Prince’s” are back charting their mad adventures with Season 2 of the cult series BLACK AS in production now. BLACK AS a hit web series for ABC domestically, is available as a 60’ broadcast version and 5’ shorts for international platforms. We can’t wait to see what mischief the boys get up to in this next instalment due for release 2018.

The Truth about Medical Marijuana explored in a poignant documentary A LIFE OF ITS OWN by award winning journalist Helen Kapalos premiered on SBS Australia pulling over 350K viewers on its linear channel and boosting ratings further with digital viewers via On Demand.  A second run in December attracted similar numbers and it’s currently available on SBS On Demand in case you missed it! Choice TV New Zealand also took the territories first run in what the Huffington Post described as “the documentary the medicinal cannabis debate needs”. The world-class title has also been picked up by a major SVOD player with more details to be announced soon.

Our Automotive programming continues to shine with GRAVEYARD CARZ set to premiere Seasons 4 & 5 in Australia. Velocity in the US continues to be the home for GRAVEYARD CARZ with season 8 currently on air. With close to 3 million followers across socials and building a qualified world wide audience GRAVEYARD CARZ offers broadcasters an immediate return on investment. This reality powerhouse continues to deliver the goods season after season, so, get ready for Season 9 due to roll out in 2018.

Cinematic motorcycle doc FLATS from the garage of Engineered to Slide found a home on UHD platform INSIGHT TV in a partnership that was simply born to be. Stay tuned for more from producer Nigel Petrie during the year ahead!

Get set for World Cup fever in June, 2018. Don’t miss out on our football documentary series HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH perfect programming as a lead in for your pre-cup schedules. This 4-part series explores the history of the football transfer system and charts the development of the million dollar player transfers.

In company news, Meadow welcomed a number of new partnerships with producers both here and abroad and we look forward to collaborating on several exciting projects in 2018.  As our development slate continues to grow, we will open discussions with platforms and linear networks to secure a home for a number of these titles and look forward to charting their progression for all involved. AIDC (Australian International Documentary Conference) will kick of the local industry events in March promising a world class lineup of decision makers, influencers, commissioners and funding bodies in a series of sessions and round tables, for all to attend. We hope to see you all there.

Now, stepping into what is shaping up to be a busy year we invite you to follow us on socials. An easy way for you to stay up to date with our releases or get in touch here for more information about any of our titles.

We love to connect and explore possibilities with producers seeking support with finished content ready for the market place or with passion projects you are trying to have realised.  Feel free to contact us here and we look forward to hearing from you.
Wishing you all a fantastic and fruitful year ahead filled with abundance and success.

“I believe that if one always looked at the skies, one would end up with wings” Gustave Flaubert


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Graveyard Carz to premiere in UHD

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Hit US reality powerhouse Graveyard Carz premieres in UHD on INSIGHT TV.

Available from June 6th in Western Europe, Graveyard Carz season 6 will launch for the first time in UHD on INSIGHT TV, one of the industries leading UHD channels. This will be the first time that the series has been fully shot and produced in 4K, paving the way for an immersive viewing experience by unlocking your 4K screen’s true potential.

Graveyard Carz has amassed a huge following of more than 2.5 million fans across social media, a direct result of the strength and reception of seasons 4 and 5, as seen on Velocity in the US and Discovery France and Canada.

The success and endurance of the series is credited to Mark Worman and his team’s incredible expertise across the world of Mopar Muscle cars, and their ability to restore left-for-dead ruins back to original condition – just like they day they rolled off the factory floor.

Seasons 4&5 are currently available for limited territories by Exclusive Distributers Meadow Media.

Enquires should be directed to





VeloCity – Highlighting the tech gap

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Over the last 60 years Japan has become known for leading the world in technological innovation. Australia, while an advanced and wealthy nation has not developed the same reputation.

New to Meadow Media’s programming slate is VeloCity, an expository documentary that explores cultural and social perspectives towards technology, offering first-hand accounts of those who have experienced both ideals. Told through the eyes of expat Australian professionals living and working in Japan and vice versa, VeloCity is an intelligent exploration of how one country has thrived in the technology sector and offers theories on what holds others back.

Featuring interviews with academics and experts in the field, and shot on location in high definition VeloCity is a documentary, which offers a unique case study on the culture of technology between two nations.



Travel back to the Soviet Bloc

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BACK IN THE SOVIET BLOC is the latest offering from Meadow Media. Shot on location by McBrat Pictures, this seven part series follows Julia Nalivaiko as she travels back to her birth place in an effort to answer those tough questions.

What’s it like over there?  What’s Borsch? 

Do they drink vodka like water? Do bears roam the streets?


Offering a unique perspective on the relationship between Russia and the Ukraine following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Back in the Soviet Bloc explores the cities, countryside, cuisine and culture as Julia revisits a long lost part of her childhood.

Through laughter, tears, furry hats and a special reunion, this insightful and thoughtful journey offers a unique viewing experience through the colourful and curious former Soviet Union.

Back in the Soviet Block 7 x30′ is now available for world wide release, for further information please email


PNG at a Crossroads

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CROSSROADS is one of the projects in development by Meadow Media and Hamama’s films which centres around the plight of woman in Papua New Guinea as the country heads to the polls in 2017.

“Papua New Guinean women are the most resilient women in the world” says Barbara Pagasi a community worker from Mount Hagen.

She is right, they have to be in this developing nation. Poverty is endemic, domestic violence ingrained in the culture and infrastructure is just a dream.

Being one of the last countries to come into contact with Western culture it is facing some big decisions. Amidst the turmoil and uncertainty brought about by the collision of ancient and modern life, the woman of PNG have a vision of their future.

Crossroads follows seven women as they tell of their struggles, successes and dreams in the lead up to the 2017 election.


CROSSROADS is in production with commissioning opportunities still available. Meadow Media is also seeking expressions of interest from local and international broadcasters. For treatment, synopsis and further information please contact







Australia approves Medical Marijuana sale

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“The Federal Government has approved the sale of medicinal marijuana after the first licence for private cultivation was issued last week.” By political reporter Stephanie Anderson


ABC News reports that Health Minister Greg Hunt will today announce that Medical Marijuana can be sold in Australia. This is a huge step forward for advocates of the medication, which until now has only been available through illegal means.

Leading the charge for change has been Chairperson of Victoria’s multicultural commission and journalist, Helen Kapalos’ insightful documentary A Life of its Own. The film was inspired during the making of a network news story, which detailed Dan Haslam’s difficult decision to use cannabis to treat his terminal illness, made all the more poignant because the man’s father served for decades as a drug squad police chief.


A LIFE OF ITS OWN – The truth about Medical Marijuana, is available now for international rights.

Get the full story here: