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French distribution house Prime Entertainment Group has secured distribution rights across Canada for seasons 4&5 of hit US reality series Graveyard Carz.

Exclusive distributors Meadow Media are excited about the potential for the series across the region and look forward to building a strong and successful partnership with Prime Entertainment.

Graveyard Carz, an automotive reality show currently in production of its 7th season, airs on Velocity in the US and Insight elsewhere. The series follows Mark Worman and his team, as they bring mopar muscle cars back from the dead, in a high voltage workshop environment.

Graveyard Carz has enjoyed world wide success since season 1, airing in the US, Africa and Europe and boasts a social media following of over 2 million.

For further enquiries regarding Graveyard Carz contact sales@frederikem33.sg-host.com

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