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Meadow Media has secured exclusive distribution rights for two new extreme sports films in a first time release available for worldwide broadcast rights.

MOTONOMAD I | 1 x 90’ episodes | 1.5 hr | MOTORING + ADVENTURE + EXPEDITION
In this incredible film, available for the first time for worldwide broadcast rights, two motorcycle racers, Adam Riemann and Mark Portbury endure a 7000km mission across Europe, in the hope of reaching the Pyramids of Egypt. Avoiding Syria, they find their way across the Mediterranean and venture into Cairo. Despite military con-frontation, they defy the odds and make it inside the ancient compound of the Pyramids, but triumph turns to bravery as they continue into one of Middle East’s regions….the Sinai Peninsula. The boys wander into Sinai only to stumble upon one of religion’s most sacred landmarks.

Father and son take on India and Nepal’s most majestic and treacherous terrain in this 4500km epic journey.
Enduring the perils of stray animals, trucks, cliff-edges, military confrontation and altitude sickness, their struggles help them appreciate the precious value of life whilst their 150cc motorcycles carry them through the struggles of deadly roads, and their past differences. This is a life adventure like no other.