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Meadow Media has secured both television and film rights to a quintessential Australian story, drenched in history and adventure.

The tale of taxi driver Charlie Heard who in 1930, embarks on a daring outback adventure at the request of his paying passenger Ada Beal, is a miraculous journey set across several states and traverses some of Australia’s most remote locations.

A remarkable feat for their day, Charlie and Ada along with Lil Wilmot and Eileen Glenny set forth in Charlie’s Hudson taxi, from Lorne, Victoria to Darwin and back again, travelling over 7000kms on a three month journey.

Before inland roads exsisted, locating fuel and food drops along the way, Charlie and Ada’s story is one of determination, mutual admiration and an evolving friendship that delves into the life of one woman who said  NO to tradition.

A decision that ultimately changed the lives of both Charlie and Ada, evoking an outback adventure set during a time of conventional gender roles and rich family values.

Meadow Media is actively seeking co-production partners for this project. Interested parties are invited to email belinda@frederikem33.sg-host.com