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Four new series have landed at Meadow Media as part of our first new content offerings for 2023. Making up a total of 90 hrs of programming, these series cover food and lifestyle to adventure, travel and a journey through some of the under explored destinations of the world.


Jonathan LeggRoad less Traveled: ADVENTURE/TRAVEL (58×60′ ) 
Join Jonathan Legg as he embarks on the road less travelled stretching across every country from remote corners of the globe to crowded cities with curiosity, focus and courage leading to transformative experiences…
Episodes worldwide, Caribbean, North America, pan-Asia, Europe and more…


Luxury Travel TvLuxe Travels: LUXURY TRAVEL (11×60′)
Luxe Travels is your insider’s look into exotic island destinations around the world. Where to go and what to see. The host for every episode will be your conduit to getting an encyclopaedic knowledge about the island; local cultures, secret hotspots, and much more!
Episodes include Bali, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Belize, Maldives and more…


Max Foodie: FOOD/TRAVEL (32×30′) 
Join Sashi De as he travels to fascinating destinations and global hot spots
to meet some of the best chefs in the world to uncover the
language we all speak, food!
Episodes include Cyprus, French Polynesia, Mauritius, Virgin Islands, Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, Seychelles, Serbia, Hong Kong, Bali and more…


Jonathan LeggFood Unknown: FOOD/TRAVEL (5×60′)
Jonathan Legg hones in on an extended foodie mission: Find the world’s most unpopular and under-represented cuisines. What do they tell us about the culture? Why have they not been embraced globally? Whether ripping motorcycles through misty Irish backroads, galloping horses through the Mongolian plains, or snapping sails down the sunny Croatian coast all regions are explored. It’s a culinary adventure full of mishaps, risk, and the most unloved food on the planet. Episodes include Finland, Mexico, Ireland and more…


Available now, get in touch to discuss avails.


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