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Damien Rider is an endurance athlete, author, filmmaker and speaker, on a continuous quest to raise awareness of childhood abuse.

His two films Heart of the Sea and Rise Above are now available through Meadow Media.

Rise Above explores Damien’s latest endurance challenges, following is epic 800km paddle from Coolangatta beach to the Gold Coast, a feat detailed in subsequent documentary Heart of the Sea. Going on to skateboard across Route 66, paddle and run non-stop around Phuket and ride a 1950’s rickshaw for over 260 kilometres, Damien is a true example of perseverance and dedication.

Each challenge thrusts his cause into the spotlight and the film proves a powerful story of hope and one man’s journey to rise above and reach out.

Heart of the sea

Heart of the Sea chronicles Damien’s incredible 800km paddle boarding challenge through the shark invested coast of Australia. Interwoven with his personal story, Heart of the Sea is a heartbreaking and deeply moving tale of a tragic past that has fuelled a desire to help others.

Paddling 800km over 17 days on a solo mission, he set off on what many thought to be an impossible journey. After spending months turning his body into an endurance machine, during his feat, Damien was alone with limited food and water, suffering fatigue and severe hunger.

Ultimately inspiring, Heart of the Sea proves that the power of authenticity and vulnerability, is the magic ingredient for healing, reaching and helping others.

Heart of the Sea and Rise Above are available now for audiences worldwide.


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