Wild Food Tv Series

SBS FOOD to premiere Khanh Ong’s Wild Food in Australia

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Hosted by internationally renowned influencer and chef Khanh Ong and produced by Melbourne-based Black Fox Productions, Khanh Ong’s Wild Food is an original culinary adventure exploring culture, origins and cooking, while traveling around Australia finding exciting, fresh ingredients and cooking creatively in the wild.
From the rugged West Coast of Tasmania to the remote billabongs of Arnhem Land, Khanh Ong’s Wild Food is an exciting series that combines wild food, adventure and a hint of glamour. This new series is all about his adventures in the lush and diverse island continent of Australia. These locations have never been showcased like this before.
Having previously starred on both MasterChef Australia and Survivor: Blood v’s Water, Khanh has quickly became a household name with his infectious smile, down-to-earth nature and cheeky sense of humour. The first season is set to premiere in Australia on SBS Food and SBS On Demand in 2023. Meadow Media have secured international distribution rights.

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Wild Food Tv Series

The Season

The Season to premiere on TVNZ’s DUKE

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Australia’s newest hunting and outdoor series, The Season has recently been acquired by TVNZ in New Zealand

The series follows the lives of six everyday Australian’s who choose to make sustainable hunting a part of their lifestyle. They train, they hunt and they provide food for their families and loved ones through ethical hunting, harvesting and preparation.

Exploring different disciplines and methods, offering education and digging up memories along the way, The Season introduces viewers to sustainable practices and authentic stories straight from the land.

Cook up a storm on the beach with Tasmanian chef, author and adventurer Sarah Glover, or follow bow hunter Patrick Galvin from his corporate office in Melbourne to the Victorian highlands. In the outback you’ll meet recent Naked and Afraid cast member and permanent bushman Adam Kavanagh and take a lesson from hunting and outdoor extraordinaire Eamon Waddington, as he teaches the foundations of best practice and offers secrets of the Australian wilderness.

All cast members have a unique story to tell about leading this lifestyle, what it means to be living off the land and why, for them, the paddock to plate philosophy is a healthier, more sustainable and ethical choice.

Production of the second season is already complete, with new and returning cast continuing to offer up their knowledge of the great outdoors.

The Season premieres in New Zealand on TVNZ’s DUKE channel at 10pm from October 2nd with Australia’s 2023 air dates to be announced shortly.

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Graeme Stevenson

TV Series set to rocket to the moon in 2023

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Art TV show, Put Some Colour in Your Life, received the exciting news that all 22 seasons of their art series will be included in the Lunar Codex.

As part of the ‘museum on the moon’ Put Some Colour in your Life will be rocketed into space via the Astrobotic Griffin / NASA VIPER ROVER / SpaceX Falcon Heavy mission, headed to the Lunar South Pole and due to land in 2023.

Graeme Stevenson OAM, CEO and founder of Put some Colour in Your Life was over the moon when payload coordinator and curator Dr. Samuel Peralta (Physicist), confirmed that the close to 300 artists who feature in the series will be represented.

Filmed over the past 12 years across seven countries, the series which is based in Murwillumbah, Northern NSW, Australia, films 24-minute TV art documentaries about artists in their studios.

“When I began this business back in 2009,  my vision was to build a library of the minds of artists, preserving a digital record of creative spirit, culture, and techniques for future generations”, Graeme explained,” I had no idea that the library would be kept on the moon.  It is just mind blowing! “


Graeme Stevenson


“The Lunar Codex is a project to preserve contemporary creative arts for future generations, a message-in-a-bottle to the future,” explained Dr. Samuel Peralta, creator of the enterprise. “It is sending the work of 5000+ creative artists to the Moon in three lunar exhibits / time capsules to be launched via three separate missions to the Moon over 2021-2023.”

Put some Colour in Your Life will be joining the Polaris Collection, on the third mission and is mentioned in the Peregrine collection in the first mission.   Polaris data will be on nickel-shielded memory cards. The series archive will join other short and full-length films already included in the time capsule, including several feature films and short films, documentaries, and an Emmy Award winning film.

Some of the Colour in Your Life artists included in this collection are Ken Done, Ernie Dingo, Eric Rhoads, the world’s leading art promoter, Joseph Zbukvic, number one water colour artist in the world, De Gillett, Alvaro Castagnet, Herman Pekel.

You can see the full list here:  https://www.colourinyourlife.com.au/featured-artists/

“Our hope is that future travellers who find these time capsules will discover some of the richness of our world today,” Dr. Samuel Peralta said. “The Lunar Codex speaks to the idea that, despite wars and pandemics and climate upheaval, humankind found time to dream, time to create art.”

For screeners and queries about Put some colour in your life, please contact:


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Passon, prejudice,protest

Mipcom 2021

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Meet us at Mipcom

We’re excited to be participating online at Mipcom (Oct 11-14). With new content and original ideas there’s lots to chat about. Join us and schedule a zoom to chat about our new programs launching at the event.




The Season is a new original TV series produced by Black Fox Productions ,which follows the lives of six modern day Australian hunters as they prepare for their hunting season. Each hunter has a unique story yet all are passionate about conservation, the environment and how we are all connected in a primal way to the land through our ancestors. They train, they hunt and they prepare their harvest. The Season is compelling and confronting viewing.

The Season 8 x 30’ will be complete and ready for delivery Q1 2022.


Whether in the ponderous form of a River Red Gum or the towering majesty of a Mountain Ash, eucalypts define the character of the Australian bush. No other tree is so synonymous with the nature of our continent.

The Eucalypt series explores these trees’ evolution and ecology, their intimate connection with Indigenous Australians, their role in art and craftsmanship, and their future in a changing world.



Throughout history Hair has been a potent symbol of passion, prejudice and protest.

It’s a badge of belonging, a sign of individuality, a symbol of national pride. Our hair tells the World who we are, where we belong or who we want to be.

Passion, Prejudice & Protest is a 60 minute documentary dedicated to the evolution, impact and history of human hair. A journey into style, religion, colour and myths around hair, and its importance across generations, culture and history.


Imagine paddling solo, 50 miles for 17 days, during the most shark-infested summer Australia has ever seen. Endurance athlete and child abuse survivor Damien Rider took matters into his own hands to find peace and face his inner demons. On what many thought to be an impossible journey, he set off paddling 800km solo without support crew on a paddleboard, propelled by just his hands, from his home in Coolangatta to Bondi Beach in Sydney.


Damien Rider’s endurance challenges are all epic, unique and designed to grab the attention of those who most need to hear his story. Damien has skateboarded across Route 66, run and paddled non-stop around Phuket, ridden a 1950’s rickshaw over 260kms and pushed a 2 tonne vehicle for over 40kms on Australia’s Gold Coast. Each of these events grabbed global headlines and helped thrust his cause into the spotlight. Rise Above chronicles his journey to bring awareness to childhood abuse, while completing some of the most challenging endurance feats to date.



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Heart of the sea

New partnership | Damien Rider

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Damien Rider is an endurance athlete, author, filmmaker and speaker, on a continuous quest to raise awareness of childhood abuse.

His two films Heart of the Sea and Rise Above are now available through Meadow Media.

Rise Above explores Damien’s latest endurance challenges, following is epic 800km paddle from Coolangatta beach to the Gold Coast, a feat detailed in subsequent documentary Heart of the Sea. Going on to skateboard across Route 66, paddle and run non-stop around Phuket and ride a 1950’s rickshaw for over 260 kilometres, Damien is a true example of perseverance and dedication.

Each challenge thrusts his cause into the spotlight and the film proves a powerful story of hope and one man’s journey to rise above and reach out.

Heart of the sea

Heart of the Sea chronicles Damien’s incredible 800km paddle boarding challenge through the shark invested coast of Australia. Interwoven with his personal story, Heart of the Sea is a heartbreaking and deeply moving tale of a tragic past that has fuelled a desire to help others.

Paddling 800km over 17 days on a solo mission, he set off on what many thought to be an impossible journey. After spending months turning his body into an endurance machine, during his feat, Damien was alone with limited food and water, suffering fatigue and severe hunger.

Ultimately inspiring, Heart of the Sea proves that the power of authenticity and vulnerability, is the magic ingredient for healing, reaching and helping others.

Heart of the Sea and Rise Above are available now for audiences worldwide.


Heart of the Sea > Trailer

Rise Above > Trailer

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The Eco Show

Spotlight on new releases

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Over half way through 2021 makes it time to shine a light on our mid-year new release titles, now available for all platforms.


Earlier in the year we gave you a sneak peek at The Eco Show, well, production is over and this gem of a series is ready to roll out.

The Eco Show will focus on vulnerable environments and explore how we can help sustain and support our natural surroundings. The Australian landscape is ancient, vast and incredibly varied. Climate change and human intervention are having a huge impact on the diverse ecology and the amazing animals that live there, The Eco Show explores the many efforts that are underway to help combat these threats.


Colour in your life, will inspire your inner artist while learning from some of the best artists across the globe. Delve deep into technique by visiting home studios, meeting the makers and legends, with master artist Graeme Stevenson. This story-based art documentary series is perfect for educational, craft and arts platforms. 136 hours available.


The Beer Pioneer is a 7-episode journey featuring history, heroes and of course plenty of hops. Australia’s short history is chock-full of colourful characters. Their stories, short and tall, often featured the search of a better life, a bold escape from the law, the exploration of the bush-frontier or just a collection of calamities and misadventures. Not to mention, plenty of watering holes. Part history lesson, part travel show. Fronted by comedian Matt Stewart season one of this tongue and cheek series is available for immediate delivery.


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UHD – new content slate

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Check out our 4K content slate and new releases titles, available for broadcasters and platforms world wide.


Following in the pre-covid-shot footsteps of The Cellar Door New Zealand, you can join host Yazmin Firkins for a heavenly trip through Australia’s Apple Isle. Last Drinks Tasmania explores the incredible landscapes, distilleries and adventures that put this small island state on the map. An art mecca and foodie paradise, a trip around Tasmania offers something for us all. Sit back and take notes as Last Drinks Tasmania showcases the island’s best kept secrets.

Available in stunning 4K Last Drinks Tasmania 6×30’ is ready for immediate delivery.


Continuing with the 4K offerings, Dog Jobs Australia puts our furry friends first in this 8 part exploration of how dogs became man’s best friend.

Dogs offer assistance, companionship and front line sniff-ability, in this series about the various roles these loyal animals play in our lives. This family friendly series will have animal loving audiences wanting more.


Coming soon The Eco Show will meander its way around Victoria’s most vulnerable environments and explore how we can help sustain and support our natural surroundings. The Australian landscape is ancient, vast and incredibly varied. Climate change and human intervention are having a huge impact on the diverse ecology and the amazing animals that live there, The Eco Show explores the many efforts that are underway to help combat these threats.




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The Cellar Door NZ

New year, new content

By news

We are looking forward to a stellar year of new productions, connections and partnerships and hope that you have all had a great start to 2021.


Late last year we broke virtual bread with the talented folk at C31 Melbourne and inked an ongoing distribution partnership, which allows us to bring their new productions direct to buyers throughout the year ahead. We are beyond thrilled to be able to represent their slate of original productions.

While we look forward to unveiling more titles in the coming months, first up is the travel & lifestyle series The Cellar Door – New Zealand 9×30’. Hosted by George Gayler, The Cellar Door NZ invites you to explore the wilderness, adventures and world class wine and food, over a nine part journey through one of the most scenic country’s on earth.

From Waiheke Island to the Hawkes Bay and central Otago, this series takes a trip through both islands and a quick stop at Middle Earth, a journey which can be enjoyed from the comfort of your favourite chair.

The Cellar Door NZ season 1 is currently available world wide, stay tuned throughout the year for more exclusive original content releases from C31.

Looking for shorts or fillers?

Perfect for all platforms, we have a new selection of short content readily available. From topical covid stories to evergreen travel and lifestyle, we have a bunch of titles available for immediate delivery.

Rounding out the shorts selection is a unique batch of automotive content straight from our friends at The Division Productions and the garage of Graveyard Carz. Including Flashbacks, Bikez and tips and tricks from the Mopar magician himself, Mark Worman, these shorts complement auto focused or male skewed platforms and channels.

14th Street Wheels is the latest exciting series from The Division Productions which will roll out this year. A homage to your youth, a time when kids tinkered in the garage rather than with tik tok. In this series Mark and Cousin Dougie find anything with wheels or an engine, explore its history and build it. You can follow along at home for a DIY experience, or sit back for a trip down memory lane. Fun and family friendly, 14th Street Wheels will educate, inspire and entertain!

We are seeking expressions of interest and presales world wide for this brand new series. Get in touch to find out more about this original production from the producers of hit series Graveyard Carz.

If you’d like to know more about working with us or to discuss your projects, you can drop us a line.

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Lisa & Marilyn

Learn English with Flower Fibi

Flower Fibi + Friends

By educational, news

Our brand new educational kids series Flower Fibi + Friends is an original teaching series specifically designed to help pre-school children learn English through songs, books & games.

Created by certified TESOL educator, Tina A.Wake, the series offers a mix of live action and animation, access to online teaching resources, activities and music. This series fills a huge gap in the language learning market by focusing on repetition and situational English, it’s a perfect addition to educational platforms and teaching resources.

Flower Fibi is joined by Aquamarina, Smiley Simon and Rainbow Rae as well as Patrick the Penguin and Sneaky Squirrel, to guide kids through a fun, exciting learning experience. Adults will love it too!

“I believe that learning should be fun, something to look forward to. I know that children will really latch on to the characters and forget that they are even learning another language”

Producer:  Tina A. Wake


Each episode has a focus on two countries to engage children the world over learn English relevant to their country of origin, and introduce them to other cultures.

Covering the four basic components, reading, writing, speaking and listening, in bite sized fun episodes, an exclusive first run is available for the right platform, looking to partner with the brand and option future seasons.

Get in touch to learn more about Flower Fibi + Friends or watch the trailer below.

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Covid Nations Doc Short

Mipcom – New releases

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Straight off the back of a busy Mipcom, we are excited to unveil our new content released exclusively at the 2020 online event.

We are thrilled to be partnering once again with the Division Productions and Mark Worman, to distribute two brand new series straight from the garage and brains behind Graveyard Carz.

14th Street Wheels is a homage to your youth, a time when kids tinkered in the garage rather than with tik tok. In this series Mark and Cousin Dougie find anything with wheels or an engine, explore its history and build it. You can follow along at home for a DIY experience, or sit back for a trip down memory lane. Fun and family friendly, 14th Street Wheels will educate, inspire and entertain!

Mark’s used-car-salesman persona arrives at the forefront in Graveyard Dreamz. Set in a 70’s inspired car yard, Mark and his dream team promise to search for the prized car of your youth. Maybe it was your first ride, maybe your Dad’s pride and joy. If they can’t find the original from your heyday, they’ll build a replica! Dreams are bought back to life in this treasure hunt for Mopar originals.

And if that’s not enough for your auto loving audience, an all new season of Graveyard Carz is now available world wide.

graveyard carz


Turning to our documentary slate and we offer two new heart-warming tales exploring the spirit of humanity and the determination of humans to facilitate significant change and growth – both personally, and as role models for those around them.

A Head Full of Doubt, takes in seven years of the incredible success of the B.A.M program in Chicago. Previously considered the murder capital of America, this engaging documentary showcases the beauty that comes from mentoring youth in a city that needs it most. Curated and developed by Tony DiVittorio, and inspired by his youth without a father figure, the B.A.M program has made headlines world wide for its encouragement and guidance of kids on the border of adulthood.

Shot across three continents and over a five year journey, The World’s Best Film follows twelve individuals striving for greatness. Thailand gives us the World’s best taxi driver while in Sweden we are introduced to the World’s best town planner. This is a traveling tale celebrating the human endeavor to be the best you can be. Fun, quirky and possibly The World’s Best Film!


This year has produced many things. The greatest, we think, is the many stories emerging, telling tales of community spirit and collaboration. Helping the vulnerable and passing it forward, during what has been a difficult and unprecedented time for businesses and us as humans.

We have curated some of the best Covid stories in our new Short Content selection. Food Forward delivers three short documentaries shining a light on businesses adapting to the pandemic driven food supply chain issues, in the US. Highlighting three sectors – The Plate, The Sea and The Farm – Food Forward delivers on all fronts, with stories of community and businesses coming together to help each other survive.

Straight from a remote Navajo community, comes a story of survival in Covid Nations. When an Australian naturopath and herbalist, finds herself in the centre of an indigenous community with limited health facilities, she rolls up her sleeves and begins educating and steering the group through the only pandemic any of them have known.

Covid Nations articulates the many challenges of remote communities navigating Covid with little access to mainstream healthcare. Beautifully shot, this short documentary is a thought-provoking tale, offering an alternative viewpoint of the 2020 story.

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