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Don’t miss your opportunity to catch BUSH TO BELLY on SBS ON DEMAND.
Narrated by Deborah Mailman, Bush to Belly is a story of engagement through laughter and lattes. Empowering one of the remotest communities on earth.

Picture an Italian Expresso Machine on a 4-wheel drive, traversing the Outback. Enthusiastic and skillful indigenous kids – budding baristas and chefs – crafting cappuccinos for grey nomads and lycra clad cyclists tackling the 700+km Gibb Challenge on the famous outback ‘highway’.


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Meadow titles available on demand

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Meadow Media titles Loved to Death and Icons of the World are now available via Vimeo on Demand for the first time since their release.

Loved to Death follows the environmental and cultural impact tourism has on some of the worlds most loved destinations. From Bali, Indonesia to the African Safari range, what happens when you love a destination to death? Visiting unique locations over a ten episode run, Loved to Death tells the story of what happens when our desire to escape becomes destructive to those who rely on tourism to survive.



Ten part destination series Icons of the World takes the viewer on a trip around the world in stunning HD. Showcasing some of the worlds most famous landmarks this series explores architectural masterpieces, natural features and iconic ruins. Are you ready for a trip around the world?



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Huffington post reviews latest Meadow Media title

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A Life of its Own a documentary about medical marijuana, from award winning Australian journalist Helen Kapalos, is the latest international release from Meadow Media.

This documentary is dedicated to providing clarity and understanding around one of Australia’s and the world’s most stigmatised and controversial issues – medicinal cannabis.

Award-winning journalist, Helen Kapalos, takes the audience on a wide-ranging voyage of discovery about medicinal cannabis, addressing the complex issues facing its use. The film was inspired during the making of a network news TV story, which, detailed a young man’s difficult decision to use cannabis for his terminal illness and to ease the debilitating nausea he experienced following chemotherapy – made all the more poignant because the young man’s father served for decades as a drug-squad police chief.

In the weeks after the story was aired thousands of people came forward speaking of their own experience with medicinal cannabis. The story had unwittingly unearthed a silent majority – personal stories of patients suffering a range of illnesses, from intractable epilepsy to rare genetic diseases. Against the anecdotal evidence of benefits, the film discusses the lack of clinical evidence, the limitations of present drug regulation, the rise of a black market in medicinal cannabis, and the ongoing social stigma.

The testimony of medical professionals, scientists, lawyers and politicians brings a balance to the debate. Of particular impact is a rare insight into the medicinal cannabis research being carried out in Israel. This country is now recognized as a world leader in the development of specialized strains of medical cannabis, and their use in the treatment of a wide range of maladies. Currently the climate around medicinal cannabis is shifting, with Australia moving towards limited reform.

A Life of Its Own demonstrates there is still a gap between legislation and the reality for many people whose lives are affected by the issue. Around the world the debate is being mobilised by a people movement from those who’ve experienced success from the plant as medicine – with calls to make the wider community aware of its potential therapeutic value.

“Helen Kapalos’ documentary is what the medicinal cannabis debate needs” writes The Huffington Post

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A must have series in the lead up to Russia 2018

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Meadow Media has picked up exclusive distribution rights to a four part series documenting the volatile history of the football transfer system. The latest offering from award winning filmmaker Rod Hay, How much is enough, delves deep into a world that has turned into a game of high rollers, dominated by the highest bidder and Agents who weave the greatest influence.

From the early class driven meagre beginnings through to the $100 million plus transfers of today, the four epsiodes are a comprehensive mix of global colour, diverse location and a rich tapestry of archives and informative interviews.

Football is now the most lucrative sports business by virtue of its huge television exposure and burgeoning sponsorship. Money has no barriers other than the lingering question: “is enough, ever really enough?”

Episode 1: Global insight

Episode 2: History of the game UK

Episode 3: Europe’s traditions and Africa’s potential

Episode 4: Sublime skills of Latin America, USA and Australasia

A must have documentary series in the lead up to the 2018 world cup in Russia. For more information please email sales@meadowmedia.tv

Teaser link: https://vimeo.com/186354610

back view of soccer manager against supporters in the stadium










Vuclip revs up with Graveyard Carz

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In a deal with Meadow Media, Vulcip Inc have acquired seasons 1-5 of the hit US reality series Graveyard Carz. The catalogue is intended to be available across all Vuclip services in the Middle East.

This is the maiden partnership between Meadow Media and the OTT giant, who’s footprint expands outside the Middle East into both Asia and India. Vuclip’s Dynamic Adaptive TranscodingTM, offers a unique unbuffered viewing experience across its online and mobile platforms.

Meadow Media are the exclusive distributers for Graveyard Carz, currently in its 7th season. For more information join us on LinkedIn or get in touch via belinda@meadowmedia.tv


Meadow secures option to historical Australian story

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Meadow Media has secured both television and film rights to a quintessential Australian story, drenched in history and adventure.

The tale of taxi driver Charlie Heard who in 1930, embarks on a daring outback adventure at the request of his paying passenger Ada Beal, is a miraculous journey set across several states and traverses some of Australia’s most remote locations.

A remarkable feat for their day, Charlie and Ada along with Lil Wilmot and Eileen Glenny set forth in Charlie’s Hudson taxi, from Lorne, Victoria to Darwin and back again, travelling over 7000kms on a three month journey.

Before inland roads exsisted, locating fuel and food drops along the way, Charlie and Ada’s story is one of determination, mutual admiration and an evolving friendship that delves into the life of one woman who said  NO to tradition.

A decision that ultimately changed the lives of both Charlie and Ada, evoking an outback adventure set during a time of conventional gender roles and rich family values.

Meadow Media is actively seeking co-production partners for this project. Interested parties are invited to email belinda@meadowmedia.tv

Graveyard Carz speeds towards Canada

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French distribution house Prime Entertainment Group has secured distribution rights across Canada for seasons 4&5 of hit US reality series Graveyard Carz.

Exclusive distributors Meadow Media are excited about the potential for the series across the region and look forward to building a strong and successful partnership with Prime Entertainment.

Graveyard Carz, an automotive reality show currently in production of its 7th season, airs on Velocity in the US and Insight elsewhere. The series follows Mark Worman and his team, as they bring mopar muscle cars back from the dead, in a high voltage workshop environment.

Graveyard Carz has enjoyed world wide success since season 1, airing in the US, Africa and Europe and boasts a social media following of over 2 million.

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ICONS takes flight

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An episode of Meadow Media’s HD travel series Icons of the World has been picked up by Taiwanese Airline, Eva Air. It’s the second time Icons has been acquired for inflight entertainment, after Malaysian Airlines ordered an episode earlier in the year.

Icons of the World 10×30′ takes the viewer on a stunning HD adventure to discover some of the worlds most iconic locations and treasured icons. Offering an educational perspective to icons steeped in history and following its significance to the present day, Icons of the World explores such treasures as Monument Valley Arizona, the Taj Mahal and the Minaret of Jam, Afghanistan.

Meadow Media is delighted to have an Inflight Portal system designed to make selections for Inflight Entertainment quick and hassel free. Anyone wishing to access this portal is encouraged to get in touch with us on sales@meadowmedia.tv


Desert Collectors takes out Tourism Award

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Desert Collectors Australia has won the Tourism Award at The Kalgoorlie – Boulder Chamber of Commerce business awards, held on Saturday night.

Producer, Nigel Quick, co presenter Norm Clark and Redcat Media team JT Taylor and Paul Vedant were all on hand to receive the honour and are now looking towards the WA awards in the same category.

Desert Collectors, a reality show set in the goldfields of Western Australia continues to attract the support of both local businesses and families.



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Meadow Media is delighted to be partnering with The Division Productions to exclusively represent the highly successful US reality series Graveyard Carz. With over 2 million facebook followers this series continues to entertain audiences worldwide. Currently in production on two more seasons fully embracing a new cast and format, these new episodes will be the first to be shot in 4K UHD and will be broadcast on INSIGHT, a brand new international UHD channel and on Velocity in the US.