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Are you a producer with a passion project?

At Meadow Media we support producers with passionate ideas.
Our success is built on maintaining authentic relationships and open communication
with our clients and the producers we represent.

Why partner with Meadow Media?

We are passionate producers ourselves and understand that every project is unique.
We know how far you’ve come, the hard yards you’ve put in and the obstacles faced to get this far.

We believe in following dreams.

Our terms are simple, straightforward and transparent.
Our documentation is easy to understand.

We have established contacts with key buyers of content around the world.

Our people attend major markets:
MIPTV, MIPCOM, MipDoc, DISCOP, Asian TV Forum.

Producer FAQ

What are the programming requirements/tech specs for international placement?

Here is our checklist for producers:

Programming High Definition (HD) minimum
Screener (full episode or teaser)
Time-coded full English scripts
Music cue sheets
Promotional images (if available);
Previous sales history (if any)
Rights available (if restricted)
Language versions available (if any)
Hard drive delivery of all master materials including text-less elements;
Apple ProRes HQ 422 .mov is perfect for us



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