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In the latest original from C31, Thanh Truong embarks on a quest to uncover the freshest produce Australia has to offer, and follows its journey from the field to the plate.

Thanh, passionate about all things fruit and veg and commonly known as the “fruit nerd” also celebrates the unsung heroes behind the food chain and reveals the often intricate processes that allows produce to arrive into the home and onto your table.

Thanh Truong a fruitier, author and content creator, delights audiences with tips about fruit and veg. He combines his love of fruit and vegetables to engage and excite people about fresh produce.

Joining family dinners, chefs and restaurants to explore how simple cooking can reveal culinary delights, Thanh witnesses how using the freshest ingredients can make the greatest impact on the quality and flavour of the meal.

The Fruit Nerd – Field to Feast, has been pre sold across Australia and Asia to much anticipation, catapulting star host Thanh Truong on to house hold screens in addition to his influential social media presence.

For more information about The Fruit Nerd – Field to Feast for your territory, get in touch with Meadow Media.


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Field to Feast

The Fruit Nerd – Field to Feast