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BACK IN THE SOVIET BLOC is the latest offering from Meadow Media. Shot on location by McBrat Pictures, this seven part series follows Julia Nalivaiko as she travels back to her birth place in an effort to answer those tough questions.

What’s it like over there?  What’s Borsch? 

Do they drink vodka like water? Do bears roam the streets?


Offering a unique perspective on the relationship between Russia and the Ukraine following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Back in the Soviet Bloc explores the cities, countryside, cuisine and culture as Julia revisits a long lost part of her childhood.

Through laughter, tears, furry hats and a special reunion, this insightful and thoughtful journey offers a unique viewing experience through the colourful and curious former Soviet Union.

Back in the Soviet Block 7 x30′ is now available for world wide release, for further information please email sales@meadowmedia.com